Celebrate and Worship with Music

Many people have commented that Fifth Sunday Celebrations are a spiritual experience that lifts the soul and fulfills a spiritual need.

sunday-celebrate-worshipMany people have commented this service is a spiritual experience which lifts the soul and fulfills a deep spiritual need. Join us at Liberty Road Faith Fellowship for an excellent service of sacred music. Most of these celebrations occur in months that have five Sundays, on the fifth Sunday.

The musical ensemble for this celebration consists of the church choir, orchestra, guest soloists, plus devotion and prayer by our pastor. These celebrations are directed by Rev. Richard Dwyer our organist and choir director. Our musical celebrations are open to everyone and attended by many from local and surrounding communities.

Our Celebrations of Worship through Music embrace timeless themes such as: eternal life, the gift of love at Christmas, With a Voice of Singing, a Day at Camp Meeting and others. The congregation is asked to join in the singing of familiar church music with the choir, organ and instrumentalists.

Join us in the celebration our faith in music on a fifth Sunday at Liberty Road Faith Fellowship. To find more information about these celebrations: check our church calendar or call (859) 277-0420.

Photo Gallery: Fifth Sunday Musicales