The heart of our identity at Liberty Road Faith Fellowship is to provide warm, creative, traditional and relevant worship services in the context of a caring community of faith.

The church offers the message of good news in ways that speak to the diversity of Christian backgrounds present within our membership and guests. We also offer special services during Lenten, Easter, Advent and Christmas seasons. A webcast of our weekly services is aired after the worship on Sundays at 12:10pm. To watch our services simply click on “Watch Our Services Online Now” at the bottom of our homepage. Key features of our worship include:

Worship is both a privilege and joy calling for the offering of our best efforts. Each service has a discernible rhythm allowing for times of enthusiastic praise as well as for quiet reflection, for listening, and for active participation. It’s our intention to be thoughtful as well as personal in our services and to provide the opportunity for individuals to experience communion with God and transformation by God.

For more information about Worship at Faith Fellowship contact us or call Norma at (859) 277-420 to have a message delivered to Dr. Bill Turner.

Photo Gallery: Worship Services