Christian Education

Our mission is to nurture each person’s walk of faith with Jesus Christ and strengthen our Christian walk together.

Liberty Road Faith Fellowship’s educational mission is to assist member to develop a deeper understanding of what it means to be a Christian through study and discussing the writing about Jesus Christ, Biblical Characters and other contemporary Christian writers. We offer Sunday School classes, Discussion Groups, Children’s Church and Nursery activities during worship. The program is active, growing, creative and includes all ages. Our focus is on providing eeryone a better understanding of the scriptures and our heritage as Christians through an engaging, interactive program.

Liberty Road Faith Fellowship’s Christian Education Program

  • Adult 1 Class
  • Living Faith Class
  • In-between Class
  • Adult Bible Study
  • Other Study Opportunities
  • Children’s Church
  • Nursery

For more information about our education programs, contact us or call 859-277-0420.