Welcome Message from Dr. Bill Turner

“Faith Fellowship? Are you a Church?” The next question is most often, What Brand? What Type? What “Label”? We are simply a gathering of Christians drawn from over a dozen denominations. Listen to Dr. Bill Turner’s message, above, and explore our website to learn more.

A Church Potpourri


WE ARE THANKFUL for prayer WE ARE THANKFUL for gifts - Jesse on harmonica, Pam on Flute WE ARE THANKFUL - Amanda Church singing WE ARE THANKFUL for our Senior Pastor, Bill Turner, who extends a warm welcome! WE ARE THANKFUL for our Helpers - Valda, Nancy and Wayne WE ARE THANKFUL for healing - Prayer comforter for Dr. Turner was presented by Sharon Averitt WE ARE THANKFUL for the many gifted people in this church - Joe Faulkner - pianist, John May singing WE ARE THANKFUL for Richard, our Minister of Music and Organist - Yes! Jesus Loves Me! WE ARE THANKFUL for faithful instrumentalists - Jim Averitt WE ARE THANKFUL for our Nursery Coordinator, Tammi, and her son WE ARE THANKFUL for our Troubadours, choir and Richard WE ARE THANKFUL for our congregation and the freedom to sing praises to our LORD!
Looking Ahead...
Charlotte Krasinski, Church Board Chair

Liberty Road Faith Fellowship

Liberty Road Faith Fellowship is a gathering of Christian believers from many different historic denominations. Our congregation is truly an ecumenical congregation.

We are people of faith. We believe that Christian faith can be stretched and deepened not only by study and worship, but by hands-on ministry to the Lexington community and beyond.

We are genuinely glad to be together and eager to include you in our glad welcome. Continue Learning About Us

View Worship Services and Sunday's Celebrate and Worship with Music

watch-services-onlineYou may watch our archived worship services online by visiting us on YouTube. Worship services are placed on YouTube each Sunday at 12:30 p.m. This site includes Sunday Worship Services, Dr. Bill Turner’s Sermons and Sunday Musicales.